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Who Are We?

NETO Chocolate is a family owned and operated small batch chocolatier.

We use high quality cacao from sustainable, socially responsible, and fairly traded farms.
We handcraft each of our flavorful artisan chocolates using fresh, natural, and organic ingredients.

Our Commitment

NETO Chocolate is committed to creating fresh, authentic and handmade artisan chocolates for all to experience and enjoy.
The result is extraordinarily flavorful artisanal chocolates of a caliber usually available only by direct shipment from Europe.

Our Chocolate

We use only the finest quality cocoa beans sourced from the best cacao growers in the world and selected for consistently superior flavor.

All of our products are Kosher certified by Tartikov - Rabbi Yechiel Babad and are all Parve. All products [except our Nougat where we use egg whites] are Vegan.
All of our truffles are also gluten free.

Ingredients -

Natural – We utilize only all natural ingredients of the highest quality so our food not only taste better – it is better for you.
Fresh and Organic – We decided to use only fresh and organic ingredients whenever possible, and do our best to get it from local farms.
No preservatives – We never use any preservatives.

Flavor and texture

Our chocolate has a smooth, silken texture that melts on the tongue and creates a rich, buttery mouth feel.
Quality chocolate possesses all the complexity and depth of flavor as a fine red wine or a dark roast coffee, and we are committed to instilling these qualities in each and every one of our chocolate products.
The key to our successful products is allowing the natural flavor notes to take center stage.

How its made

Every day, our chocolatiers handcraft each piece using traditional french techniques. Making each piece of our chocolate a character of its own because it is rolled, cut, dipped and decorated by human hands in small batches.
Our state of the art facility gives our chocolatiers the best environment they need in order to create their fine products.

About us In short:

Featuring Chocolate Truffles, Vegan Chocolate and Kosher Chocolate.

All chocolate truffles are vegan and kosher parve, and gluten free.

Our products includes: 
Chocolate truffles, bonbons and pralines. 
Pate de Fruit. 
Chocolate dipped nougat [non vegan - includes egg whites].
Chocolate dipped orange slice. 
Chocolate covered orange peel. 
Chocolate covered 'Oreos'. 
Chocolate dipped pretzel rods.
Fruit and nuts barks.

You can purchase either a gift box of chocolate truffles or an assortment for yourself that includes truffles, nougat, orange slice etc.

We can be your source for corporate gift and corporate gift baskets. Our collections include: Client Appreciation Gifts, Employee Recognition Gifts, 
Personalized Business Gifts, Corporate Event Gifts and more.

If there are items or products we carry and you do not see in the website, or for bulk ordering discount, or for any question you might have, please call or text us at 347-860-9606 so we can immediately help.

Returns and refunds:

If there are any issues with the product you received or if you are not completely satisfied with it, please contact us immediately for a refund or replacement.