Meet our award winning chocolate truffle flavors! Each flavor comes in its own unique design that distinguishes it from the rest of the lineup.


Blood Orange:

The citrus tang of fresh blood oranges in each bite of a creamy ganache.


Double Espresso:
A smooth chocolate ganache with the intense flavor of double espresso.


Earl Grey:
Bold warm flavors of bergamot in an earl gray infused ganache.


Vanilla Bourbon:
The flavor of Madagascar vanilla bean mingles with a rich Bourbon background inside of a silky ganache.

Morello Cherry:
Tart Morello Cherry pate de fruit meets a layer of rich and creamy dark chocolate ganache.

William Pear:
A layer of soft sweet-tasting william pear pate de fruit acts as a foundation for
smooth chocolate ganache.

Passion Fruit:
A zesty passion fruit pate de fruit tops a creamy layer of chocolate ganache.

Coconut flakes are sprinkled into every bite of this flavors ganache.

House Ganache:
Our classic House Ganache flavor, 56% cacao of pure smooth chocolate.

Delicate floral flavors of rose water infused into a rich ganache base.

Delicate, fruity apricot pate de fruit with a layer of smooth ganache balancing it.

Tropical Guava:
Guava pate de fruit topping a layer of dark ganache, perfect balance of sweet and tangy.

Pistachio Marzipan:
A soft, nutty layer of pistachio marzipan, complements a thin layer of silky ganache. (Contains nuts)

Dark 70%:
A rich flavor for those with a darker palette.


Almond Marzipan:
A sweet layer of nutty almond marzipan topped with classic creamy ganache. (Contains nuts)
  • Ingredients

    56% Belgium Chocolate: Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Sugar, Natural Vanilla, Soy Lecithin

    56% belgium chocolate, Organic cocoa butter, Organic coconut milk, Inverted sugar, Grapeseed oil

    [The following are included according to flavor:] Blood Orange extract, Orange oil
    Espresso, Bourbon, Vanilla beans, Bergamot oil, Coconut shred, Rose oil, Glucose, Tartaric acid, Cherry puree, Pear puree, Guava puree, Passion fruit puree, Apricot puree, Almonds and pistachios (only used in marzipan flavors)
    Colors: E100 E101 E163 E171 E172